Pachycephalosaurus Facts for Kids: The Hard Head Dinosaur

Welcome to the fascinating world of dinosaurs! Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the life of a very special dinosaur, the Pachycephalosaurus, also known as the ‘hard head dinosaur’ or the ‘egg head dinosaur’. With its unique dome-shaped skull, this creature has intrigued scientists and kids alike. Let’s explore some exciting facts about this round headed dinosaur.

What is a Pachycephalosaurus?

The Pachycephalosaurus, pronounced as pak-ee-sef-a-lo-sawr-us, is a dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, around 75 million years ago. Its name means ‘thick-headed lizard’, referring to its most distinctive feature – a hard, bony, dome-shaped head. This dinosaur with a hard head was a herbivore, meaning it primarily ate plants.

Physical Characteristics of Pachycephalosaurus

The Pachycephalosaurus was not a large dinosaur; it measured about 15 feet in length and stood approximately 4 feet tall at the hips. Despite its relatively small size, it had a robust build. Its weight is estimated to be around 450 kilograms, almost as heavy as a small car!

The most striking feature of the Pachycephalosaurus was its thick skull, which could be up to 10 inches thick. This dome-shaped skull gave it a unique appearance, earning it nicknames like the ‘dome head dinosaur’ and the ‘bony head dinosaur’. Some scientists believe that these dinosaurs used their hard heads for head-butting contests, much like modern-day rams, hence the name ‘ram dinosaur’.

Pachycephalosaurus Teeth and Diet

Despite its hard-headed reputation, the Pachycephalosaurus had quite small, leaf-shaped teeth. It was a herbivore, feeding on a diet of plants, seeds, and fruits. There’s some debate about whether it could have been an omnivore, eating small insects or eggs as well. But one thing’s for sure – this dinosaur didn’t use its thick skull to crack open food!

Pachycephalosaurus vs Stygimoloch

A common question that arises is the difference between the Pachycephalosaurus and the Stygimoloch. Both dinosaurs had dome-shaped skulls, but they were not the same species. The Stygimoloch had a smaller dome and more pronounced horns than the Pachycephalosaurus. Some scientists believe they might be different growth stages of the same species, but this theory is still under debate.

The Life of a Pachycephalosaurus

The Pachycephalosaurus roamed what is now North America. Its thick skull helped protect it from predators, and it likely used its speed to escape danger. It probably lived in herds for safety and to find food more easily.

Pachycephalosaurus in Pop Culture

The Pachycephalosaurus has made several appearances in popular culture. It was featured in the movie “The Land Before Time,” and also appeared in the TV series “Dinosaur Train.” In both instances, the hard head of the Pachycephalosaurus was a central part of its character.

Fun Facts About the Pachycephalosaurus

  • The Pachycephalosaurus is the largest dinosaur known to have a dome-shaped skull.
  • It’s often compared to modern-day rams due to its supposed head-butting behavior.
  • Despite its fierce appearance, it was likely a peaceful plant-eater.
  • Its name is one of the longest dinosaur names and can be quite a mouthful to pronounce!


The Pachycephalosaurus, with its unique hard head and fascinating lifestyle, continues to capture our imagination. Whether it’s being featured in movies or studied by scientists, this ‘head butt dinosaur’ offers a glimpse into the diverse world of dinosaurs. So, next time you think about dinosaurs, remember the Pachycephalosaurus – the dinosaur with an egg head that roamed the earth millions of years ago!

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