Dinosaur Names Beginning with ‘I’: A Journey Through Prehistoric Times

If you are fascinated by the world of prehistoric creatures, you might be interested in exploring dinosaurs that start with ‘I’. This unique category includes a range of intriguing species, each with its own distinctive characteristics and historical significance. Let’s dive into this captivating subject and learn about these incredible dinosaurs.

Introduction to Dinosaurs That Start With ‘I’

The vast diversity of dinosaur species is truly awe-inspiring. From the giant, long-necked Argentinosaurus to the small, bird-like Archaeopteryx, there’s a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet. Today, we’re focusing on those starting with the letter ‘I’.

These dinosaurs that start with ‘I’ include some lesser-known species. They might not be as famous as the Tyrannosaurus rex or the Velociraptor, but they are no less fascinating. So, without further ado, let’s meet our ‘I’ dinosaurs.

Isaberrysaura: The Plant-Eating Dinosaur

One of the most notable dinosaurs beginning with ‘I’ is the Isaberrysaura. Discovered in Argentina, this dinosaur lived during the Early Jurassic period. Its name translates to “Isabel Berry’s lizard”, named after the geologist who discovered the first fossil of this species.

Isaberrysaura was a herbivorous dinosaur, meaning it primarily consumed plants. It belonged to the group known as Ornithischians, characterized by their bird-like hip structure. Despite its massive size – approximately 5 meters long – Isaberrysaura was likely a peaceful creature, spending its days grazing on the lush vegetation of its habitat.

Iguanodon: The Thumb-Spiked Dinosaur

Another fascinating dinosaur that starts with ‘I’ is the Iguanodon. This dinosaur roamed the Earth during the Early Cretaceous period and was one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered. Its name means “iguana tooth”, reflecting the similarity between its teeth and those of modern iguanas.

Iguanodon was a herbivorous dinosaur, much like the Isaberrysaura. However, it had a unique feature: a large thumb spike. Scientists believe this spike was used for defense against predators. With its robust build and defensive capabilities, the Iguanodon was a formidable presence in the prehistoric world.

Irritator: The Challenge-Posing Dinosaur

The Irritator is another dinosaur beginning with ‘I’. It lived during the Early Cretaceous period and was discovered in Brazil. The dinosaur gets its unusual name from the irritation paleontologists felt when they found out the skull they were working on had been tampered with by fossil dealers.

The Irritator was a carnivorous dinosaur and belonged to the Spinosauridae family. It had a long, slender snout filled with conical teeth, perfect for catching fish. This suggests that it might have spent a significant amount of time near water bodies, hunting for its next meal.

Ichthyosaurus: The Dinosaur Fish

While not technically a dinosaur, the Ichthyosaurus is often included in discussions about prehistoric creatures. This marine reptile lived during the Mesozoic Era and is one of the most famous dinosaur fish names.

The Ichthyosaurus resembled modern dolphins in both shape and likely behavior. It was a fast swimmer with a long, streamlined body and a large tail fin. Its name means “fish lizard”, reflecting its aquatic lifestyle and reptilian origins.


From the plant-eating Isaberrysaura to the fish-like Ichthyosaurus, dinosaurs beginning with ‘I’ offer a fascinating glimpse into our planet’s prehistoric past. Each of these dinosaurs, despite their differences, contributes to our understanding of life millions of years ago. So, the next time you think about dinosaurs, remember to appreciate not only the well-known species but also the lesser-known ones that start with ‘I’.

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