What Were the Largest Meat-Eating Dinosaurs?

The world of dinosaurs is filled with fascinating creatures, but none are more captivating than the carnivorous dinosaurs. These meat-eating giants have captured our imaginations for generations, and today we will delve into the question: what were the largest meat-eating dinosaurs?

The Tyrant King – Tyrannosaurus Rex

When discussing the largest meat eating dinosaurs, the conversation naturally begins with the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex. This dinosaur, whose name means “tyrant lizard king,” stood about 20 feet tall and measured up to 40 feet long. Its massive skull, filled with sharp teeth, made it one of the most fearsome predators of its time. However, despite its notoriety, T-Rex is not the biggest carnivorous dinosaur.

Bigger than T-Rex – Giganotosaurus

Meet the Giganotosaurus, a dinosaur that was even larger than the T-Rex. This beast, hailing from what is now Argentina, could grow up to 43 feet in length. Despite being larger, it was likely not as heavy as the T-Rex due to its relatively slender build. Nonetheless, it was an apex predator in its ecosystem, preying on large herbivores.

Mapusaurus – The Pack Hunter

Another contender for the title of the biggest carnivorous dinosaur is Mapusaurus. This dinosaur, closely related to Giganotosaurus, was also bigger than a T-Rex. Moreover, there is evidence suggesting that Mapusaurus might have hunted in packs, a behavior uncommon among large carnivorous dinosaurs. This leads to the intriguing question: was Mapusaurus a carnivore or herbivore? The answer is a resounding carnivore, with its diet likely consisting of large sauropods.

Spinosaurus – The Fish Eater

The Spinosaurus is another massive meat eater that challenges the T-Rex for size. This dinosaur is unique among large carnivores due to its semi-aquatic lifestyle. Its diet consisted largely of fish, making it one of the few known piscivorous dinosaurs. With estimates suggesting it could grow up to 59 feet in length, Spinosaurus is often considered the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever.

Carcharodontosaurus – The Shark-Toothed Dinosaur

Last but not least, we have the Carcharodontosaurus, a dinosaur named for its shark-like teeth. This dinosaur, like Giganotosaurus and Mapusaurus, hailed from the Cretaceous period and was larger than a T-Rex. It was an apex predator in its environment, capable of taking down even the largest herbivores.


So, what is the biggest meat eating dinosaur? Based on current evidence, Spinosaurus holds the title. However, new discoveries could always change this. Dinosaurs such as Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus were also massive predators that exceeded the T-Rex in size. Regardless of who holds the title, one thing is clear: these meat-eating giants were some of the most formidable creatures to ever walk the earth.


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