What is the State Dinosaur of Wyoming?

When it comes to state symbols, each one tells a unique story about the region’s history, culture, or natural wonders. In Wyoming, one such symbol that captures the imagination and curiosity of both locals and visitors alike is its state dinosaur. But what exactly is the Wyoming state dinosaur? Let’s delve into this fascinating topic.

The Triceratops: The Wyoming State Dinosaur

The official Wyoming state dinosaur is none other than the Triceratops. This iconic creature roamed North America during the late Cretaceous period, approximately 68 million years ago.

The Triceratops was a large herbivorous dinosaur distinguished by its massive body, quadrupedal stance, and most notably, its large skull adorned with three horns – two long ones above the eyes and a shorter one on the nose. Its name, Triceratops, fittingly means ‘three-horned face’ in Greek.

Why the Triceratops?

So why was the Triceratops chosen as the Wyoming state dinosaur? The answer lies in the rich dinosaur fossil record of Wyoming. The state has been a treasure trove for paleontologists, yielding numerous dinosaur fossils, including those of the Triceratops.

The Triceratops fossils found in Wyoming have provided invaluable insights into this dinosaur’s life and habits, contributing significantly to our understanding of these ancient creatures. Thus, designating the Triceratops as the state dinosaur not only celebrates Wyoming’s rich paleontological heritage but also underscores the importance of ongoing scientific discovery in the state.

Dinosaur Fossils in Wyoming

Wyoming’s connection to dinosaurs goes beyond the Triceratops. The state’s geology and climate have made it an ideal location for preserving dinosaur fossils. Over the years, paleontologists have unearthed a plethora of dinosaur fossils in Wyoming, including those of Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, and Apatosaurus, among others.

The fossil beds of Wyoming, such as the Morrison Formation and Lance Formation, are particularly renowned for their wealth of dinosaur fossils. These sites continue to yield new discoveries, further enriching our understanding of the prehistoric world.

Exploring Wyoming’s Dinosaur Heritage

For those interested in exploring Wyoming’s dinosaur heritage, there are numerous museums and attractions across the state. One such place is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center located in Thermopolis. This museum houses one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world, offering visitors a chance to see these ancient creatures up close.

Additionally, the Fossil Butte National Monument in Kemmerer provides a glimpse into Wyoming’s prehistoric past through its well-preserved fish, plant, and mammal fossils.


In conclusion, the Triceratops, with its distinctive three-horned face, is the official state dinosaur of Wyoming. This designation pays tribute to Wyoming’s rich dinosaur fossil record and the state’s significant contributions to paleontology. Whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast or simply curious about Wyoming’s natural history, exploring the state’s dinosaur heritage promises a journey back in time, offering fascinating insights into these magnificent creatures that once roamed our planet.

So, the next time someone asks you about the Wyoming state dinosaur, you’ll not only be able to name the Triceratops but also share the story behind this iconic symbol and the state’s rich dinosaur legacy.


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