How Big Was Brachiosaurus?

The Brachiosaurus, a name that translates to “arm lizard,” is one of the most famous dinosaurs in history. It’s known for its enormous size and unique body structure, with front legs that were longer than its back legs, giving it an appearance akin to modern-day giraffes.

But just how big was this prehistoric giant? The answer lies in extensive research and fossil evidence which has given us a clearer understanding of the size of the Brachiosaurus.

The Height of the Brachiosaurus

When it comes to height, the Brachiosaurus was truly a titan among dinosaurs. Standing on all fours, it reached heights of up to 85 feet (26 meters). This measurement makes it one of the tallest dinosaurs ever discovered. In comparison, that’s as tall as a seven-story building!

If we consider the length from the ground to the top of its head when its neck was fully extended upward, some estimates suggest the Brachiosaurus could have reached heights of up to 40-50 feet (12-15 meters).

The Length of the Brachiosaurus

Not only was the Brachiosaurus tall, but it was also incredibly long. Fossil evidence suggests that the average length of a Brachiosaurus was around 85 feet (26 meters) from head to tail. That’s almost as long as three school buses lined up end-to-end!

Brachiosaurus Weight

With such impressive height and length, it’s no surprise that the Brachiosaurus was also extremely heavy. The average weight of a Brachiosaurus is estimated to be around 33-88 tons (30-80 metric tonnes). That’s roughly the weight of 15-40 small cars!

Brachiosaurus Size Comparison

To truly appreciate the size of the Brachiosaurus, it helps to compare it to other known dinosaurs and modern creatures. For instance, the Brachiosaurus vs. Argentinosaurus comparison shows that while the Brachiosaurus was taller due to its longer neck, the Argentinosaurus was generally larger in terms of overall body mass.

In terms of Brachiosaurus size compared to humans, an adult Brachiosaurus would tower over even the tallest basketball players. A person standing next to a Brachiosaurus would barely reach its knee height!

The Brachiosaurus Head

The head of the Brachiosaurus was small relative to its body, but still larger than many modern animals. It had a long, arching skull equipped with a mouth full of chisel-like teeth for stripping vegetation from trees.

Other Notable Characteristics of the Brachiosaurus

The Brachiosaurus is often depicted with spikes, though there’s no scientific evidence to support this. Its most notable features were its long neck, towering height, and the unique structure of its front legs being longer than its hind legs.

Where and When Did the Brachiosaurus Live?

The Brachiosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic period, approximately 154-153 million years ago. Fossils have been found primarily in North America, indicating that this was its primary habitat.

Is the Brachiosaurus Real?

Yes, the Brachiosaurus is very real. While it may seem fantastical due to its enormous size, extensive fossil evidence supports its existence and gives us a clear picture of what this dinosaur looked like and how it lived.


The Brachiosaurus was undoubtedly one of the most impressive creatures to ever walk the earth. Its towering height, long length, and immense weight make it a standout among dinosaurs and modern animals alike. Despite its extinction millions of years ago, the Brachiosaurus continues to captivate us with its sheer size and majesty.

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