Dinosaur Names Beginning with ‘E’

When it comes to dinosaurs, most people are familiar with the T-Rex or the Velociraptor. But did you know there’s an entire alphabet of dinosaur names? In this article, we will delve into the world of “E” dinosaurs, exploring some of the most fascinating creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago.

Edmontosaurus: The Largest Hadrosaur

Starting our list of dinosaurs that start with E is the Edmontosaurus, one of the largest hadrosaurs ever discovered. This dinosaur was a herbivore, and its name means “Edmonton lizard,” named after the region in Canada where its fossils were first found.

The Edmontosaurus measured up to 39 feet long and weighed as much as 4 tons. It lived during the Late Cretaceous period and was known for its duck-billed snout and long, flat tail. Despite its enormous size, the Edmontosaurus was a peaceful creature, grazing on plant material and living in herds for protection.

Euoplocephalus: The Armored Dinosaur

Next on our list of E dinosaurs is the Euoplocephalus, a dinosaur known for its heavily armored body. This dinosaur was a herbivore and lived during the Late Cretaceous period. Its name means “well-armored head.”

The Euoplocephalus was covered in bony plates for protection against predators, and it also had a large club at the end of its tail which it could use for defense. This dinosaur was around 20 feet long and weighed approximately 2 tons. Its diet consisted mainly of low-lying plants and leaves.

Europasaurus: A Unique Jurassic Herbivore

The Europasaurus is another interesting dinosaur that starts with E. Despite its small size, this dinosaur has a big story. The Europasaurus was a herbivore and lived during the Late Jurassic period. Its name means “European lizard.”

This dinosaur was unique because it was a dwarf sauropod. While most sauropods were gigantic, the Europasaurus was relatively small, measuring only about 15 feet long. Scientists believe that this dinosaur’s small size was an adaptation to living on islands with limited resources.

Eustreptospondylus: The Agile Predator

The Eustreptospondylus is our first carnivorous dinosaur on this list of dinosaurs starting with E. This dinosaur lived during the Middle Jurassic period, and its name means “well-curved vertebra.”

The Eustreptospondylus was a medium-sized theropod, measuring up to 15 feet long. It was likely an agile predator, hunting smaller dinosaurs and other animals. This dinosaur had a long, slender body, a large head with sharp teeth, and strong legs for running.

Elasmosaurus: The Long-Necked Marine Reptile

While not technically a dinosaur, the Elasmosaurus is often included in discussions of prehistoric life due to its fascinating features. This marine reptile lived during the Late Cretaceous period and is known for its incredibly long neck.

The Elasmosaurus was a plesiosaur, a type of marine reptile. It measured up to 46 feet long, with half of that length being its neck alone. The Elasmosaurus used its long neck to catch fish and other marine animals for food.


Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles that ruled the earth for over 160 million years. From the enormous Edmontosaurus to the dwarf Europasaurus, each dinosaur that starts with E has its unique story to tell. These E dinosaurs remind us of the incredible diversity and adaptability of life on Earth.

So, next time you think about dinosaurs, remember that there’s more to them than just the T-Rex or Velociraptor. There’s an entire alphabet of dinosaurs waiting to be discovered!

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