25 Fascinating Facts About the Giganotosaurus for Kids

If you’re a fan of dinosaurs, you’ve probably heard of the T-Rex. But have you heard about its larger and equally terrifying cousin, the Giganotosaurus? Here are 25 interesting giganotosaurus facts that will surely pique your interest.

1. The Name ‘Giganotosaurus’

The name “Giganotosaurus” (pronounced ji-ga-no-to-saw-rus) means “giant southern lizard.” It was named so because of its enormous size and the fact that its fossils were found in South America.

2. Size of the Giganotosaurus

The Giganotosaurus is one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs ever discovered. It could grow up to 43 feet long, which is longer than an average school bus!

3. Weight of the Giganotosaurus

This dinosaur weighed approximately 8 tons, making it heavier than an elephant.

4. Speed of the Giganotosaurus

Despite its size, the Giganotosaurus could run at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

5. When Did the Giganotosaurus Live?

The Giganotosaurus lived during the Late Cretaceous period, about 97 to 93 million years ago.

6. Where Did the Giganotosaurus Live?

Giganotosaurus fossils have been found in Argentina, indicating that they lived in what is now South America.

7. What Did the Giganotosaurus Eat?

As a carnivore, the Giganotosaurus ate other dinosaurs. It likely preyed on large herbivores like the Argentinosaurus.

8. Giganotosaurus Teeth

The Giganotosaurus had sharp, serrated teeth that were perfect for tearing into flesh. Its teeth could grow up to 8 inches long!

9. The Discovery of the Giganotosaurus

The first Giganotosaurus fossil was discovered in 1993 by an amateur fossil hunter named Ruben Carolini in Argentina.

10. Giganotosaurus vs. T-Rex

The Giganotosaurus was larger than the T-Rex, but the T-Rex had a stronger bite force.

11. The Brain of the Giganotosaurus

Despite its size, the Giganotosaurus had a relatively small brain, about the size of a banana.

12. The Arms of the Giganotosaurus

Unlike the T-Rex, the Giganotosaurus had fairly long arms with three sharp claws on each hand.

13. The Tail of the Giganotosaurus

The tail of the Giganotosaurus was long and muscular, helping it maintain balance while running at high speeds.

14. Solitary or Social?

Scientists aren’t sure whether the Giganotosaurus was a solitary creature or lived in groups. Some evidence suggests they may have hunted in packs.

15. The Roar of the Giganotosaurus

We don’t know what the Giganotosaurus sounded like, but given its size, it likely had a loud and terrifying roar.

16. Life Span of the Giganotosaurus

While it’s hard to determine the exact lifespan of dinosaurs, scientists estimate that the Giganotosaurus could have lived for up to 30 years.

17. The Skin of the Giganotosaurus

The skin of the Giganotosaurus was likely scaly and rough, similar to modern reptiles.

18. The Eyes of the Giganotosaurus

The Giganotosaurus had forward-facing eyes, which provided it with excellent depth perception for hunting.

19. Parenting in the Giganotosaurus

Like many other dinosaurs, it’s believed that the Giganotosaurus laid eggs. However, we don’t know much about their parenting habits.

20. Threats to the Giganotosaurus

Given its

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