25 Allosaurus Facts for Kids

Allosaurus, a fearsome predator from the late Jurassic period, has fascinated children and adults alike for generations. With its long, sharp teeth, powerful build, and intriguing history, there’s so much to learn about this dinosaur. Here are 25 fascinating Allosaurus facts that will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

1. What is an Allosaurus?

The name ‘Allosaurus’ comes from the Greek words ‘allos’, meaning different, and ‘sauros’, meaning lizard. This carnivorous dinosaur stood on two legs, had a large head with sharp, serrated teeth, and a strong, muscular tail which helped maintain balance.

2. When Did the Allosaurus Live?

Allosaurus roamed the earth during the late Jurassic period, approximately 155 to 150 million years ago. This was a time when dinosaurs dominated the land before mammals took over.

3. Where Did Allosaurus Live?

Allosaurus fossils have been found mainly in North America, but also in parts of Europe and Africa. This suggests they lived in a variety of environments, from forests to floodplains.

4. How Tall Was Allosaurus?

Allosaurus was one of the largest carnivores of its time. On average, it stood at around 16 feet tall, comparable to a modern-day giraffe. However, some individuals could grow up to 39 feet in length.

5. What Did Allosaurus Eat?

As a carnivore, Allosaurus primarily ate other dinosaurs. Fossils suggest that they hunted large herbivores like Stegosaurus and Diplodocus. Juvenile Allosaurus likely targeted smaller prey.

6. Allosaurus Family

Allosaurus is part of the theropod family, which includes other famous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor. It’s also the best-known member of the Allosauridae family.

7. Allosaurus Teeth

The teeth of an Allosaurus were long, sharp, and serrated, perfect for tearing into the flesh of its prey. They had between 14 to 17 teeth in their upper jaws and 14 to 16 teeth in their lower jaws.

8. Allosaurus Bite Force

Despite having sharp teeth, Allosaurus didn’t have a strong bite force compared to other predators. Instead, it likely used its upper jaw like a hatchet against its prey.

9. Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus

While Allosaurus was a formidable predator, it wasn’t without threats. The Stegosaurus, with its spiked tail, could cause serious harm to an Allosaurus if it got too close.

10. Juvenile Allosaurus

Juvenile Allosaurs were swift and agile. As they grew older, they would become bulkier and slower but more powerful.

11. Allosaurus Colouring

We don’t know the exact colour of Allosaurus’ skin, but based on modern reptiles, it’s reasonable to assume they had a mix of greens, browns, and greys to help with camouflage.

12. Allosaurus Fossils

The first Allosaurus fossil was discovered in the late 19th century in Colorado, USA. Since then, numerous fossils have been found, making it one of the best-known dinosaurs.

13. Accurate Allosaurus

As more fossils are discovered and technology advances, our understanding of Allosaurus continues to improve. For instance, we now know that Allosaurus had a ridge over its eyes, giving it a distinctive, fierce look.

14. Allosaurus in Pop Culture

Allosaurus has made appearances in many films and TV shows, including “The Land Before Time” series, where it’s often portrayed as a terrifying predator.

15. Allosaurus: Not the Fattest Dinosaur

Despite its large size, Allosaurus was far from the fattest dinosaur. That title likely goes to the Argentinosaurus, a long-necked herb

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